Why are we really here? Some will tell you to make a f*#k ton of money, making a name for ourselves or getting to the top. Mannnnnnnnnnnn, f#%k all of that. 


We're here to feel..... something... anything.. and the fact that we can feel  anything at any given moment is 🤯


At the end of the day vibes are all we got.


Some of them make us laugh,

Some of them make us cry,

Some of them flat out make us bonk level 😈


No matter what you need, the vibe dealer got you covered!


Comes in pack of four - includes free Mini Vibe Dealer Tee (Approximately 7" Tall - Approximately 5" Body Width - Sleeve to Sleeve 9.75")

Red - SAVAGE (Passion)

Blue - Sad Boy Hours 

Yellow - Lit AF  (Happiness)

Green - $$$ OTW


100% pure, uncut vibes. NOT EDIBLE or to be ingested.

*Due to high volume of orders, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive bundle*